Our services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

Windscreen, door glass and heated rear window replacement
All types of vehicles, including commercial, and all types of glass including heated rear window replacements.

Windscreen chip and crack repairs
Using specialist techniques and materials we can repair many minor chips and cracks without the need for replacement – often on the same day you call!

Windscreen removal and re-bonding
We’re experts in removing and re-bonding leaking windscreens. We also offer this service to the vehicle repair trade where the skills aren’t available in-house. 

Van glass conversions
Whether it’s for a camper conversion or a minibus/taxi/crewbus conversion, we can help. We also update windows from the old rubber glazed type to newer bonded windows. Hole cutting is outsourced.

Fitting of agricultural and marine glazing
We can fit glass to selected agricultural and marine vehicles where you supply the glass.

Mechanism repairs
We also adjust and repair door glass and windscreen wiper mechanisms.